“During a time of unrest and uncertainty in our city, we brought in Sentinel Asset Protection to bring peace of mind to our residents, staff, and the building’s ownership.”
Kate H.
General Manager, Lowa46 / Greco

Surge Capability

Have an existing security contract but need extra support for a short period of time? Planned protests, scheduled high-visibility events, high-risk traffic or problem hours during bar closing? Each of these may present real problems to many standard security companies, but agents from Sentinel-AP can be seamlessly added into your existing security plan to "SURGE" your deterrence level only when you need it.

Vehicle or Foot Patrols

Predictable active deterrence, not predictable patterns. The mobility of our patrols ensures that our agents are where they need to be—not sitting behind a desk. Our security assessment will help you understand when SAP is a smart investment.

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