Critical Infrastructure

Secure is the only solution

Critical means just that—CRITICAL. There is no room for error in locking these sites down, and Sentinel-AP agents and teams will do just that. You'll be in communication and updated regularly on the situation at your site. Sentinel-AP teams use the latest in night vision and thermals to track and report incidents and stop threats before they become intrusions.

FLexible and Comprehensive

Does your site require an observation team only to report and record? Or do you need a robust physical deterrent made up of vehicle and K-9 patrols? Either, both, or something else? Long-term or short-term? SAP agents will lock down your site for however long is required.

“The Sentinel team made it easier to sleep at night for all of us involved at Oppidan. I am sure this is not the last time we will work together on projects!”
Jason V.
Director of Property Management, Oppidan