Class A Property

High-Level Security + Discretion + Customer SErvice

Security for class A properties is as much an exercise in customer service as it is in professional protection.  Sentinel Asset Protection offers your tenants and staff unparalleled security that compliments your hard-earned brand image.

Invest in Your Image

It's a competitive environment for high-end residential apartments in upscale, urban settings, and you've worked extremely hard to set your property apart from your competitors. Show your current and potential residents that you're willing to INVEST in security from Sentinel Asset Protection to ensure they can return to a safe and secure home.

Secure Your Site

Every class A property has unique security needs, and Sentinel-AP has the ability and flexibility to design a plan around those needs specifically tailored to your property. No "cookie cutter" solutions here—we execute smart security plans that deliver results and maximize your investment, not waste your money.

Protect Your Tenants

Customer service and discretion are key components to our security approach to high-end residential sites. Your tenants have high expectations for service, attentiveness, and are discretionary consumers... They will know right away that Sentinel-AP agents are a step above.

“Sentinel Agents were very professional and definitely a step above the typical security services I have had in the past. Their agents have a very good understanding of the type of customer service that is needed in a luxury apartment building. I highly recommend them.”
Kate H.
General Manager, Lowa46 / Greco