About Us

Experienced, Professional, Scalable

SAP agents and teams have our agents truly offer you unmatched ability that combines our common sense discretion with our scalable capabilities.


Real-world experience in law enforcement, special operations, inner-city policing, riot control operations, high-value site security, personnel security, urban military combat, and traditional discrete security.


Discretion and how your site is secured is just as important as the security itself. Our agents understand that your image is a hard-won asset that has to be protected as well, so they will never forget that SAP standards reflect upon your standards every minute we work for you.


Whether your unique needs require a discrete security presence to merely observe and report or a team that can ramp up to physical deterrence with patrol vehicles and K-9 units, Sentinel Asset Protection can provide it. Our licensed, professional agents anticipate, then quickly respond to changing conditions and security threats at your site.

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