Professional, discrete, and flexible security solutions for clients who know that personal and physical security is a smart investment, not an expense.

About Us

Discrete and Highly Trained

Our licensed, professional agents have real-world backgrounds in law enforcement, special operations, and urban conflict.  Because of this, our agents are equipped mentally and physically to head off problems BEFORE they wind up at your doorstep.  This situational awareness and ability to be discrete simply means Sentinel-AP agents are non-disruptive, highly trained, extremely capable.

Our Services

Results Matter

Our discrete, highly trained, and extremely capable security agents offer the best combination of skills to ensure your high-value property and personnel are safe.  The professional manner in which Sentinel-AP agents operate is a vital part of our security solutions for our unique clients.


What Our Clients Say

“Sentinel-AP saved our company close to $20,000 in just 96 hours by locking down our property near Lake Street in April. This kept us from having to relocate an entire warehouse again and shut down operations because our staff felt very safe. These agents are the real deal, and we will absolutely keep SAP on speed dial in this city.”
Vice President, Zimmer Biomet / Primary Surgical
“Thank you so much, the Sentinel team has been a great help with Lowa46 and POPP, and made it easier to sleep at night for all of us involved at Oppidan. I am sure this is not the last time we will work together on projects!”
Jason V.
Director of Property Management, Oppidan
“During a time of unrest and uncertainty in our city, we brought in Sentinel Asset Protection to bring peace of mind to our residents, staff, and the building’s ownership. Sentinel Agents were very professional and definitely a step above the typical security services I have had in the past. Their Agents have a very good understanding of the type of customer service that is needed in a luxury apartment building. I highly recommend them.”
Kate H.
General Manager, Lowa46 / Greco
“If you need protection of any sorts, these are your guys! They are professional, prompt, and extremely serious about protecting you and your business. We used them to protect our jewelry store during all of the unrest and they saved us and our customers. They were extremely professional; customers and staff felt comfort when the cities didn't. Thank you and I highly recommend them!”
Chad C.

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Training for Contractors

Agent Professional Development

SAP believes the security needs of our clients will continue to evolve and become more challenging.  To meet and overcome this challenge, Sentinel-AP employs professional instructors to continuously develop the skills of both our agents and security contractors from other companies.

Our development courses are approved by the MN State DPS, and will sharpen your skills, build your abilities, and broaden your base of expertise in order to win and retain the best, highest-paid security contracts.  SAP will help you get there.